"The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor"

Narration & Music

The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor is a genial tale that shows children how "human" animals can be, and how important it is for us to protect them and their environments. The music depicts the story of Aye Aye, a lemur, and Fedor, a lion. While Aye Aye is free to run wild and enjoy the forest, Fedor is stuck in a zoo. The two strike up a friendship that helps them both make some important discoveries and launches them on a journey to places they never thought they'd go. Although the animals at the zoo have a difficult time in captivity, there is a happy ending, thanks to the courage and quick thinking of Aye Aye and Fedor in a fantastic universe called "The Magical Forest" on which like humans, animals want to be happy, respected, safe and free. Aye Aye and Fedor's journey is a great example of friendship and cooperation between friends who on the surface seem to be very different from one another, but who have similar goals and a desire to share their lives together. The whimsical illustrations will appeal to children because they look much like the colorful, bright, humorous drawings that many children do. The book is adapted by the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York with choreographer Virginie Mécène and by the Jazzart Dance Theatre with choreographer Sifiso Kweyama in Cape Town, South Africa. Throughout the music for these choreographies you will be touched by originality and knack. Ruby Flower Records is an avant garde indie label which was founded eleven years ago by trumpeter Herb Robertson and Ana Isabel.

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